A 2mm chipboard, is a firm board that is a bit thicker than an exam pad backing. A 1.5mm chipboard makes a lovely flexible bookboard, but still firm. The 2.5mm and 3mm are for heavy-duty books.



Bookplates, or ex libris (Latin for ‘from the library of’), are used to identify the owner of a book and have been used since the 1400s.

If you find yourself lending out books to friends, add one of these to the inside front page of your book with your name and friends will always know who to give it back to.

They make the perfect gift for your bibliophile friends, teachers, librarians or for your own collection of books. Just write your name in the space, paste inside the cover and add a bit of a personalised touch to your books.

Book Block Paper

Our paper has been tried and tested by hundreds of happy bookbinders.

Books are typically taller than they are wide. For this reason, bookbinders are always looking for paper that is wider than it is tall with a short grain direction (this lets us fold that big sheet in half to create a section).

It gives a finished feel as well as an unrestricted turn of the page.

An uncoated paper of excellence. A4 Short-grain paper with a choice between our Bare Cream Baked Cream and Starlight White.

DIY Book Binding Supplies

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