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Book Block Paper

Paper has changed throughout the years, but we are still spoiled for choice.  When it comes to choosing the right paper for your project, it can be a bit overwhelming.

Here you will find a few suggestions on types of paper to use in your books and journals.

Papersmith & Son

Papersmith and Son stock outstanding paper with a wide range to choose from. You may purchase in sheets, A3 or A4. They have a branch in Durban, Johannesburg, and Cape Town.

Mohawk Options

High-end Book paper. Available in White or Cream and a few Gsm options to choose from, like 104gsm and 118gsm.

Quoted from Papersmith:

 It is a paper with just the right white, just the right finish, just the right weight and THE perfect environmental scorecard.”


Available in absolute white and vanilla.

Gsm’s range from 120gsm to 330gsm

Quote from Papersmith:

Naturalis is engineered to be one of our best-performing uncoated papers for both lithography and digital print.”


Nautilus is a classic paper and environmentally friendly.

Colors are:

Classic White and Super White

Gsm’s are from 80gsm to 350gsm

Quote from Papersmith:

“The whole NAUTILUS® product family is produced with the ColorLok® Technology, which visibly enhances the print quality of inkjet document printing.”

Strathmore Premium

A high-end book paper

Available in a range of colors. Gsm ranges from 118gsm to 352gsm

Quote form Papersmith

Diverse range of premium writing, text and cover papers
100% wind-power produced and carbon neutral
Archival and acid free”


Enigma is available in 3 colors:

Arctic White
Natural White
Tuscan Cream

Gsm’s start at 90gsm to 350gsm

Quote from Papersmith:

Enigma truly is a revolutionary, versatile paper. One of Enigma’s best features is its unusually high bulk. For example, a 90gsm Enigma paper has the same bulk as any other 100gsm corporate identity paper, but costs less. So when you choose Enigma for a job, you get a premium paper and unbeatable value for money.”


High-end Book Paper. Ultra-White color.

Gsm’s range from 120gsm to 400gsm.

Quote from Papersmith:

Superwove is an uncoated range of super smooth (super-calendared) fine writing papers. It is the ultimate corporate identity sheet with excellent printing versatility. It is suitable for archival use (acid-free)”


A coated paper used for Illustrations and Photo Books.

They have satin and silk texture. Gsm starting at 115gsm.

Quote from Papersmith:

 its impeccable chromatic fidelity, excellent opacity and superb glossy printing which guarantee top quality results”


Kalideck is a paper shop with 8 branches around South Africa.


Kalideck stocks Munken in a Cream and White with Gsm starting at 90gsm

Peters Papers

They have 4 branches across South Africa


Uncoated, mechanical book paper with a creamy shade. 70g with a high 2.0 bulk 140 micron. 

Camelot Cartridge

Camelot Cartridge is an uncoated wood free paper.

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