Books About Bookbinding


Adventures in Bookbinding: Handcrafting Mixed-Media Books

Explore intriguing methods of combining bookbinding with specific crafts such as quilting, jewelry making, or polymer clay with Adventures in Bookbinding! With different levels of expertise including basic, novice, and expert, this book is filled with illustrated step-by-step instructions and photographs that demonstrate how to construct the cover pages, create unique bindings, and much more with a diverse range of media.


Book Art Studio Handbook: Techniques and Methods for Binding Books, Creating Albums, Making Boxes and Enclosures, and More

How to Make Books, Albums, Slipcases, and More
There’s nothing like making your own sketchbook or wrapping a favorite book in the perfect homemade slipcase. And you can create it all yourself! Select the tools and materials you’ll need, master basic book-binding techniques, and practice your new skills on 12 eye-catching projects. Then explore the gallery of variations for more inspiration to make each book form your own. Whether you’re an experienced bookbinder or new to the art, Book Art Studio Handbook will help you take your books to the next level. 


Bookbinding: A Manual of Techniques

Designed as a practical course for beginners and hobbyists and also as a reference for more advanced students, this book covers all the basic techniques of cloth and leather binding, including tools, materials and the workshop. The most common bindings are covered, such as single section, case, flat-back and Buckram library-style. The book also includes notes on simple paper and binding repairs, and a section of projects to try, including binding paperback books and making household objects, such as desk blotters and photograph frames.


Bookbinding Basics

The creative and ancient art of bookbinding offers countless options for selecting exquisite papers, cover fabrics, ribbons for markers, and other decorative touches. From aligning and folding the sheets to adding attractive endpapers, this manual provides in-depth knowledge of all the fundamentals–materials, paper cutting; forming the book block; and reinforcing bindings. Fashion a range of personalized note, recipe, and date books with two-part or rounded spines. Each one is lovelier when handcrafted!

DIY Bookbinding: Bind Your Own Book by Hand

Bookbinding may well be a dying art in this digital age, but you can still learn how to do it yourself with this easy-to-follow ebook. In fact, you can reverse the course of evolution and convert this particular digital specimen into a durable, hand-stitched book that will last for generations. When you’re finished, this ebook will truly be «hands-on.»
OReilly Senior Editor Brian Sawyer takes you through the process with step-by-step instructions and scores of instructive photographs. All you need to bring to the table are a few simple materials—including magazines you’d like to preserve. Discover how simple, unmessy, fun, and satisfying binding books by hand can be.



Bookbinding: a step-by-step guide

The craft of bookbinding has a long history and tradition. It has developed through the ages and is now enjoying a period of renewed popularity and creativity. Whether you are a beginner or an established bookbinder wishing to refresh your memory, this practical book introduces the techniques with step-by-step instructions and photographs. It explains how to transform a few sheets of paper and some thread into a book to be proud of. For the more experienced, the author also covers how to work with leather to create classic, professional bindings. Topics covered include single-section bindin.

Books About Paper Making


300 Papermaking Recipes

This papermaking book gives clear recipes for each paper. For many of the papers, different colors are shown; very helpful! It was a great idea book as well. For example, there are recipes using various spices. I tried a larger variety of spices and got some great results!


The Papermaker's Companion: The Ultimate Guide to Making and Using Handmade Paper

This essential reference covers absolutely everything you need to know about papermaking, from the basics to advanced techniques such as shaped sheets, embossing, laminating, and watermarking. Also includes thorough step-by-step instructions for processing pulp, building papermaking equipment, and making paper-based projects like cards and lamp shades.

DIY Book Binding Supplies

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